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Welcome to the home for all of your lead generation needs.

Allow us to open doors for you.

In an industry full of obscurity we are happy to provide you with high quality leads in an honest fashion.

Whether you are a lead provider or a direct client looking to expand your current marketing and increase revenue, your happiness with our performance is what drives us.

We look forward to beginning and continuing a mutually beneficial relationship with your organization.

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For lead generation opportunities or technical questions please contact David Andras (David@Citadelmg.com)

For affiliate marketing opportunities please contact Jordan Shortridge (Jordan@Citadelmg.com)

What We Do For You

Citadel Marketing Group provides highly granular, demographics driven consumers to your company so that you may efficiently and effectively market your products.

We are a full service direct marketing company focused on lead generation, management and distribution.

With ten plus years of industry experience, you can expect our knowledge of current and growing trends and technologies to be put to work toward the benefit of your organization.

With our owned and operated healthcare website we can provide you with the fully qualified, geographically and demographically targeted leads you need to expand your operations and increase your consumer base.

All of our leads are fully TCPA qualified & CAN-SPAM compliant along with being fully validated for email delivery, verified operable phone numbers and geo-ip risk score analyzed. Both LeadID & TrustedForm compliant leads can be provided upon request.

If you need more leads than we can supply internally we have fully vetted our third party lead providers over the past decade to ensure they can supplement your current needs with accuracy and performance.

When you want to get started, email David@Citadelmg.com & Jordan@Citadelmg.com to let us know how we may be of service.

Currently providing quality leads in the US & UK!

Intelligent data analytics will connect your company with the leads you desire and the increased ROI you demand.

Direct to site control gives you the assurance that the data provided is of the highest quality.

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